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Whether it be Erectile Dysfunction or sports & exercise injuries, we can help. We also specialise in women’s health issues, non-invasive face & body aesthetic treatments and all things health & fitness.

It’s never too soon to combat the effects of ageing. Neither is it too late. We all age, of course, but often at vastly different rates. We can, however, all take positive action to improve our general well-being, subject to no serious health issues.

Good health isn’t just about an absence of disease, but a return to that youthful feeling of positive energy. The calendar tells only part of our story. Make your biological clock tick more slowly!

Ageing is inevitable, but our WholeLife Clinics programmes can help to slow down and even reverse it. Erectile dysfunction treatment, for example, works best when general lifestyles are also addressed.

Best results come from looking at why our health isn’t at the level Nature intended. This often comes about because of our busy, stressful lives. Then we have food not being what it used to be, over-medication, and lack of sleep and exercise. Also, it’s often about our own willingness to confront these issues and accept that even small changes will bring big results.

We have direct access to a worldwide, multi-disciplinary team of medical experts and health professionals. This way, we ensure you receive the very best advice and treatment, whatever your condition

Treatments we provide

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Lead Medical Team

We are proud  forerunners of the concept of  Multidisciplinary Clinics which offer the overall concept of ‘wellness’.  In other words, whichever treatment you undergo, we offer advice to help prevent a return of symptoms. We recognise that our bodies work as a unit, rather than treating a condition in isolation.

Say hello to our co-founders:-

Lead Practitioner

Gayle Maffulli – Gayle was for many years a senior hospital Trauma Nurse. She is a regular speaker at international medical conferences. Gayle also runs clinical trials to ensure the strict scientific basis of all treatments.

With wide experience of using shockwave therapy for many conditions, Gayle is one of the UK’s most experienced SWT clinicians.  She was Lead Practitioner at a Harley Street men’s clinic, where she gave erectile dysfunction treatment to hundreds of patients.

Gayle then decided to offer a wider range of treatments at more affordable prices. WholeLife Clinics was born. Together with her husband, Professor Nicola Maffulli, Gayle is also co-founder of the British Shockwave Association (BSWA) – British ShockWave Association

Medical Director

Professor Nicola Maffulli – http://www.nicolamaffulli.com – is a world-famous Consultant Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Surgeon. He is Honorary Professor for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. Nicola organised the athletes’ surgical services at the 2012 London Olympics. Also, he organised the event’s Judo and Wrestling medical supervision.

Nicola is Editor-in-Chief of two high-impact, peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has published more than 1,000 scientific articles. This makes him the most widely-published and referenced orthopaedic surgeon in the world. Nicola runs clinical practice alongside his scientific research, to produce unequalled results.

Professor Maffulli is Past President of the Sport & Exercise Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (2011-12). He is the immediate Past President of The European Federation of The National Societies of Orthopaedic Sports Trauma (EFOST).  Currently, he leads the Italian Muscle Ligaments and Tendons Society. Nicola and Gayle also find time to run the ECOSEP-EFOST-ISMuLT Summer Camp, held during the last week of every August.

More than 40 new surgical techniques in the field of knee, foot and ankle, and sports surgery have been developed by Nicola.  Many of these have now become the standard of practice in these fields. Soft tissues problems constitute the major focus of Professor Maffulli’s research. He is widely known as the ‘King of Tendons’ in the Italian press.

Professor Nicola and Gayle Maffulli devised and implemented ASSERT, a computerised platform for collecting data on the effectiveness of treatments. This further helps to ensure that all WholelIfe Clinics treatments are scientifically supported.

Gayle and Professor Nicola Maffulli welcome you to WholeLife Clinics:

Erectile dysfunction, sports injuries and face & body treatment in London clinics
Gayle and Professor Maffulli
WholeLife Clinics is the trading name of Harley Street Shockwave and Rejuvenation Clinic Ltd.

The above Company is registered in England and Wales with company number 10492112

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