Cellulite treatment

Treatment for Cellulite

A treatment for Cellulite 

Thanks to science, a remedy for cellulite has come a long way. Orange peel and cottage cheese are two of the less-offensive names for a condition which affects most women to a degree at various stages during life.  Seeking a treatment for cellulite is perfectly normal, although so too is the condition. 

Cellulite is seen to be undesirable, and not so easy to deal with as hairy legs!  Thankfully, effective cellulite treatment for the legs, thighs and buttocks has advanced thanks to new, proven technology. It is not always a cure for cellulite, but will deliver a dramatic improvement.


Cellulite is normal – you are not alone!

Between 90-98% of women suffer from cellulite at some time in their lives once past puberty. Perhaps ‘suffer’ is too strong a word for a condition which does not contribute directly to ill-health?  OK, but cellulite certainly causes a great deal of distress. All too many women believe that they, and they alone, have it, and it’s somehow their fault. Am I too fat, unfit; is it my diet, the sun, my mum, my tum?

Look again at the above figure – 98 percent!  That’s nearly everyone without a willy, isn’t it?  That’s Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Courtney Cox & Eva Longoria. Heidi Montag has it, and JLo and Scarlett Johannson and Sharon Stone.  Tamara Ecclestone’s 230-million quid no doubt smooths her path through life… but not her thighs. 

Count your legs

Why pick on the above ‘poor’ individuals? Photographic evidence (see the link below).  Also, the use of celebrity names as examples is to show how even ‘perfect people’ have imperfections.  If there were a foolproof treatment out there, those with the means would do something. Their entire image, and by association, wealth, is based on the myth of a faultless appearance as much as any talent. So you would spend, spend, and then spend some more in search of a ‘cure’.

Which brings us to the questionis there a solution for a condition which is so normal, yet so unwanted?  There is one foolproof method… Photoshop! This excellent graphic tool celebrated its 30th birthday recently. Although, during this time, Photoshop has evolved, it ensures its human subjects need never age. Their social media images can now enjoy a kind of immortality. 

Remember, though, to  count your arms and legs in the finished product. Reese Witherspoon soon found this out vanity-fair-hollywood-issue-cover 

Mother Nature gave us Wasps


Bee, Honey, Wasp, Hornet, Funny, Cute, Comic, Insect

Mother Nature knows best. She bestows her bountiful gifts, and wasps and bunions, and among these are babies. As a woman, you are of course among the ones who carry and give birth to the dimpled darlings. So, for protection, Mother Nature blessed you with extra fat, especially around your reproductive organs. Thanks a lot, Mum. 


But, Mother Nature didn’t factor in the invention of beach holidays and bikinis and the unforgiving glare of the Summer sun.  Nor, in the case of many unfortunate female celebrities, the paparazzi with telephoto lenses. Not so nice for them to see over their orange peel marmalade when they open the papers next morning:

It’s also unfortunate the general approach of such articles is to seemingly try to shame individuals. Let us instead share the problem.  Let’s end the stigma attached to cellulite! You are not alone should be the message; ie, one of reassurance. Then the next message should be – how do you best tackle the problem, other than resorting to the perfection of Photoshop? How on earth do I find an effective cellulite treatment for legs, thighs and buttocks? 

 A Cure for Cellulite 

At WholeLife Clinics we’re not interested in promoting any treatment which has not been clinically tested to be proven effective in the majority of cases. We use Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (Li-SWT) using a Radial head to break down fatty tissue. Additionally, we offer advice on lifestyle tweaks, such as watching your diet, hydration, exercise levels, etc.

You will not see your cellulite entirely eliminated in every case. You will, though, at the very least, see a dramatic improvement in the overall smoothness of your skin over affected areas as the treatment gradually takes effect.

What happens

The treatment is painless, discreet, and with minimal downtime. You show up at the clinic, have a 30-minute treatment session, then go about your daily rounds. Shockwave Therapy is without unwanted side-effects and comes with minimal downtime.  The word ‘shockwave’ probably sounds a bit off-putting, but it’s a tingling sensation that you’ll feel, rather than something that’ll make your hair curl.

cellulite treatment - whole life clinics

You will need repeated sessions, with the required number attuned to the severity of your condition. We also take into consideration your skin type. Perhaps your ‘orange peel’ is more like one of those Christmas Tangerines rather than a large, coarse-grained Naval. We find that outcomes depend upon the severity of the condition. You’ll see the best results in the weeks following treatment. 

Don’t walk on by

You’ll find us at 28 Chiswick High Road, London W4 9TE. We’re close to Stamford Brook Tube on the District Line. It’s nice and leafy with lots of independent, quirky shops that say “don’t walk on by”. Please drop in for a coffee and an informal chat, and see for yourself how we can help you.






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