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Gayle Maffulli, Lead Practitioner at Wholelife Clinics, offering ED treatment shockwave therapy
Gayle Maffulli

I'm Gayle Maffulli, Wholelife Clinic's Lead Practitioner. Here's a brief introduction to what we can offer in terms of face and body treatments.

My approach is always to view each patient as an individual which means being aware that different skin types, and fat tissue levels, all play their part. I always ensure that we adhere to the highest researched standards as we are a medical clinic, rather than a purely aesthetic one. I am also a clinical researcher and therefore always adhere to the strictest standards.

My aim is to always be aware of natural contours. The aesthetics industry has come a long way since Donatella Versace. This is not about being a different you, but the best you that you can be. Please call me for a chat on 07763886892, let's see what we can do!"


This stimulates natural collagen regeneration in the layers of the skin. Following collagen regeneration, not only is the face lifted, but also wrinkles are lessened. The skin becomes firmer, thicker and younger-looking.

It's effective for undefined jawlines, drooping mouth lines, baggy eyes, laughter lines and forehead and frown lines.  All this is with one treatment and minimal downtime. You’ll see immediate results, and the biggest improvements will occur during the 3 months after treatment.


For the body, we offer treatments for upper arms, armpits, thighs, ankles, and love-handles. Also, we treat excessive fat around the abdomen and loose skin on a woman’s cleavage.  These are clinically tested treatments which do not involve any surgery or botox.

Cellulite Reduction

Many women see cellulite as a battle that can never be won, as no amount of dieting or exercise alone seems to shift these stubborn ‘orange peel’ deposits.

WholeLife Clinics can help you win this battle by using Shockwave Therapy, alongside a personalised lifestyle programme. Shockwaves break down fatty deposits so they can be drained from the body by the lymphatic system. It also increases the blood flow to the skin, elasticity and skin firmness.

You will need 6-10 twice-weekly sessions, depending on body type. There's no downtime, and results can be visible after the third treatment.

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