Erectile Dysfunction Frequently Asked Questions

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Erectile dysfunction - Frequently asked question, men's health
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Erectile Dysfunction Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction - do I have it?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as a man’s inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Can you cure erectile dysfunction without pills?

Yes. This is specifically what we seek to achieve using shockwave therapy (SWT). It is, though, useful to pop a Viagra or similar prior to treatment, as if these work, then success with SWT is likely. Those for whom it does not work may need more sessions.

How many SWT sessions are necessary?

The usual protocol is six, either once per week or twice weekly.

How long before I see an effect?

The internal regeneration of blood vessels continues even after your last SWT session. Maximum improvement takes pace during the weeks following treatment.

What is the scientific basis of shockwave therapy (SWT)?

Please click here to learn more about SWT.

Does erectile dysfunction always occur with ageing?

Not necessarily. A decline from our youth is inevitable, but many factors come into play, primarily lifestyle related.

Erectile dysfunction - can it be cured?

Not with pills, pumps, rods or injections, as these are all temporary fixes. Instead, ED can be cured using SWT, as the underlying causes are treated.

Is there a permanent cure?

Can erectile dysfunction (ED) be cured permanently?

This treatment has not been available for long enough to predict an outcome far into the future. However, the signs are that, coupled with appropriate lifestyle changes, the effects should be long-term. In other words, the treatment restores functionality in most cases. It then comes down to the individual to aid that process by abstaining from choices which may have contributed to ED in the first place.

Can shockwave therapy treat erectile dysfunction for diabetics?

Yes, although with this condition, the chances of erectile dysfunction are increased in the first place. Therefore we seek to address what has caused the diabetes (type 2), through, diet, exercise, and supplements, alongside shockwave therapy.

Erectile dysfunction is ruining my relationship. Can WholeLife Clinics help?

We are strongly aware of the pressure it puts on relationships, often with both parties apportioning ‘blame’. Many patients have attended our clinics with their partners, as in this way the process is demystified.

Is it true that erectile dysfunction is a serious problem?

It is certainly serious for the sufferer and his partner. Moreover, functionality is often a marker for other underlying conditions, especially heart-related. This is why it is important that a patient’s overall health needs to be assessed.

frequently asked questions about erectile dysfunction and men's health

Is erectile dysfunction normal?

I have heard that erectile dysfunction is normal. Is this correct?

All men suffer from a degree of ED from time to time, even younger ones. This can be down to psychological factors, stress, overwork, even over-exercising. The issue is whether it has been consistent over a period of time.

Can shockwave therapy deal with erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer?

Yes, although any operation needs to have been nerve-sparing and for 2 years to have elapsed since treatment and the all-clear from any malignancy.

After treatment, can you still ejaculate?

Most certainly. The aim of the treatment is to allow a return to normal functioning, as before erectile dysfunction occurred.

Is there a clinic near me?

If London is accessible, then we can accommodate you. Please see where our clinic is located at Contact Us.

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