Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Our erectile dysfunction treatment in London is the long-term solution beyond pills, pumps, rods, and needles. We can help you, read below to find out how.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. This affects roughly 40% of men over 40, and the percentage rises with age, with symptoms between mild to severe. If you are suffering from ED, or know someone who is, you are likely to have researched the causes and possible cures.

At WholeLife Clinics, we look at an individual’s lifestyle as a whole to best determine what causes a given ailment. Then we address these issues alongside a course of treatment to restore function. Rods, injections, pumps and pills can help, with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, these treatments are not without loss of spontaneity and often harmful side effects. Instead, we seek to treat ED by reversing the physical changes which led to the problem in the first place.


It can be a daunting prospect to phone a stranger to discuss such an intimate problem. Therefore we go to great lengths to put you at ease.

An informal, no obligation chat could be the first step toward a potentially life-changing treatment and solution.

You first speak with a male consultant who has dealt with hundreds of such calls. You’ll be given details of the procedure and patient confidentiality is assured at all times. For example, we would only send you an email if instructed to do so.

Once you are satisfied that ESWT is right for you, a consultation with a urologist will be arranged. This is to ensure you are medically suitable for treatment. It is not an examination, but a discussion of any health issues which may have an impact on sexual functioning.

Begin the treatment now. We have successfully treated hundreds of ED patients, combining the latest technology with a high level of personal care. To this end, we always remember that every patient is an individual.

The Science

Research shows that six sessions is an ideal protocol for long-term success with the Dornier Aries device (  We do appreciate, though, that there is no one-size-fits-all. If you are in your early forties with minimal chronic conditions, six should suffice. If you are in your seventies and have type-2 diabetes, for example, you may well need extra sessions.

We aim for weekly sessions in order for the regenerative process to best take effect internally. Dependent upon the level of ED, twice-weekly can be effective in many cases. Results can be felt after only two or three sessions, but with some people this may take longer, depending on overall health.

The peak response to treatment comes around 12 weeks after your final session. Then a gradually increasing effect continues to take place for up to a year. If you are then to stay at this level, it is wise to follow the dietary and exercise advice given you by our lead practitioner. Such lifestyle changes are key to maintaining functionality. Some patients return after at least 3 months for top-up sessions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in London
Erectile dysfunction - affordable shockwave therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

We offer a course of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), using the latest Dornier Aries device:

ESWT increases the size of blood vessels within the penis and surrounding tissues. It's non-invasive (extracorporeal means 'outside the skin'), painless, with no unwanted side-effects. Most men experience a tingling sensation during the treatment, rather than the 'shock' the name implies!  We offer a course of 6 sessions, although some men can need more, depending upon the severity of their erectile dysfunction.

Shockwaves are sound waves which initiate a healing response through the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and nerve cells (neurogenesis). This treatment has been used in orthopaedics/sports injuries, cardiology, and urology for over a decade.

Shockwaves are focused onto the penis and groin area. As a result, new blood vessels are created in the penile tissue. This enables patients to once more achieve and maintain firm, spontaneous erections.

For further technical information on the Dornier Aries, please click here.

On another note, our Lead Practitioner and Medical Director are joint founders of the BSWA (British Shockwave Association). This is an association of leading shockwave practitioners. It enables us all to benefit from shared knowledge as this ground-breaking treatment goes from strength to strength.

Treatment costs

With WholeLife Clinics, a course of 6 treatments is £1,950. Additionally, there is a £200-£300 doctor’s consultation fee, dependent upon the level of specialisation. Although a GP's sign-off before treatment is acceptable, a specialist urologist's assessment is preferable.  The only additional costs could be hormonal blood tests to determine testosterone, cholesterol levels, etc, when deemed appropriate

Book a phone consultation

Please fill in our enquiry box to book a no obligation call from our Practice Manager. This can be at a time that best suits you. He runs through the procedure from start to finish, then books an initial consultation, once you are satisfied and you wish to go ahead. We assure you that all such conversations are confidential. We will only contact you through your specified channel, and will never disclose information to unauthorised 3rd parties.

This could well be the first time you will have spoken to another person about your ED.  We should, therefore, stress that we have dealt with many, many patients. Potential embarrassment is usually overcome by our professional yet friendly and informal manner. It’s what we do!

Gayle Maffulli, our Lead Practitioner, is one of the most experienced shockwave clinicians out there. She will initially explain the process and then treat you in her warm, sympathetic and dedicated manner.

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